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You are the best blacksmith, because you're the ONLY blacksmith, now everyone's coming to you to have things built, try your best to fulfill requests when you get them, and you'll succeed!

How to play ( didn't have time to program a tutorial, sorry :/ )

You have to accept a contract by clicking the left mouse button within the windows that pop up when customers enter your store.

After that, click the tab the appears on the right side, then click start.

You can now use the tools at the bottom of the screen, when you click them, you will be shown a bar filled with red and green, left click when the slider part is in the green to increase your rating, you must fulfill the customer's requirements to be given payment.

To accept payment, you must click the tab that you clicked to begin the contract in the first place.

Do this until you reach 100 Reputation, if you don't have 100 Reputation by day 30, you will lose the game.


Jacen Wyatt (HappySlapp): Everything except music and sounds.

Martin D: Music and sounds.


Install instructions

Download it, then unzip it anywhere you wish.


Weekly Jam #40 Submission.zip 45 MB

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